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Today, I would like you to imagine the life of going to school at NILS. Let me tell you a bit about Ogori.   <Train Station> A 15-minute walk from Nishitetsu Ogori Station to NILS (left photo) A 15-minute walk from Ogori Station on Amaki Railway to NILS             <Grocery Store> There is a supermarket 10 minutes away from the sch… Read More

Tips for surviving HOT SUMMER in Japan

How are you doing? It's summer vacation time at NILS.   You might know that Japan is very hot and humid during summer. How do people deal with this weather? We will give you some tips on surviving hot summer in Japan.   Tip 1 --- Furin(風鈴(ふうりん) ) As we mentioned earlier, we like to listen to Furin, the windchimes to make us feel cool.   Tip 2 --- Ice cream and shaved ice Y… Read More


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