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Things you can’t do during a test.

Do you have any rules when you take a test in your country? We have rules that you should follow during taking a test in Japan. We have varieties of tests- Mini kanji test, Checking test, Final exam, etc. at NILS. You should follow the rules during those tests. Our first-year students also started taking tests already, but some of them seem unprepared to follow the rules. So, let me tell you … Read More

How to start your first day in Japan -City hall, Open bank account, and Orientation-

What do you need to do first when you come to study in Japan? First, I tell you how you get to your accommodation from the airport. Then, let’s get things ready for residential applications at the city hall and opening your bank account.  Today, let me introduce how you can get ready for your new student life at NILS. I tell you what you need to do when you arrive at the airport and what you pre… Read More

Let’s pass JLPT ! This is how Ms. Hao’s studies to pass

Hello. I am Kikuchi from NILS. 2023 July’s JLPT(Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) application has just started. Today, let me introduce Ms. Hao. She is going to tell us how to study JLPT. Actually, she is a graduate student of NILS this year. Ms. Hao who passed JLPT, N2. Kikuchi (“K”):  Ms. Hao, congratulations on passing JLPT, N2 last December!   Hao (“H”): Thank you! K: Could you plea… Read More

Enjoy your ride !!

Enjoy Your ride !! Hey , I’m a staff of Japanese Language School NILS. Today, I want to talk about cycling in Japan. I see students coming in to the school every morning and greeting them. Because most of the student in NILS use bicycle to going school. It’s joyous going to school with your friends. NILS locates Ogori city , Fukuoka Prefecture. Fukuoka is compact city , it offers fashionabl… Read More

Enjoy the festivals!

Festivals were cancelled due to COVID19 for the past few years, but they are happening one after another in this year! Here are three especially big festivals in Fukuoka!   (1) Hakata Dontaku(博多どんたく) (2) Hakata Gion Yamakasa(博多祇園山笠) (3) Hojoe Hakozakigu(放生会筥崎宮)   When you come to Fukuoka, you will probably have a chance to go to those festivals. So, for those of you who are new to… Read More


Hello, everyone.    How much do you know about Japanese laws, traffic rules and daily life and social customs? We invited a police officer and staffs from the City Hall to give the students a lecture, so that they have a successful stay without any issues. We hold it in July.   They learned about Japanese laws, traffic rules and how to take out the trash. This is the picture of se… Read More

Buzz” *for advanced users

Have you ever heard of the word "Buzz-ru"? In English, it means "go viral," so many of you have probably heard of it.   “Buzz-ru" means that a video posted on a social networking service such as Twitter or Instagram is spread by many people and attracts attention, becoming a hot topic on social networking services. It is used all over the world, but let me tell you how the Japanese word "… Read More

Vending Machines

Do you have vending machines in your country? Most of you probably know you can buy beverages, ice cream and cigarettes from a vending machine without having to go to a store. These days, you can purchase hot meals like instant noodles, hot dogs, takoyaki, even local goods, and so on. Well, how do you buy things at a vending machine? 1. Insert coins, banknotes, or tap your IC on a machine. * … Read More


Hello, everyone. I would like to talk about Japanese bento today.   Bento means a boxed lunch. A basic bento looks like this (photo). Half of it is rice, with picked plums on top, and the other half is side dishes.   These days, parents make cute bento boxes for their children called “Chara-ben” which is shortened from “character bento.” People create children’s favorite character… Read More

Five Most Amazing Things About Japan

Today, I would like to talk about the most amazing things in Japan. I have experience living abroad and traveled over 20 countries. There are good and bad things about every country including Japan. That said, let me list what I consider the best things about Japan. 1. Safety This is probably the biggest reason why I love Japan. If you lose a wallet on a street, it will most likely be returned t… Read More


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