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Short-Term Program Regular Course [April - August]

[Regular course (April-August)]: Classes are being held in the morning while extracurricular lessons are being held once a week. In other words, this program allows plenty of free time for students.

Start month Start date Campus
April 2019 1st Kasuga Annex
May 2019 13th, 27th Kasuga Annex
June 2019 10th, 24th Kasuga Annex
July 2019 8th, 22nd Fukuoka Ohashi
August 2019 5th, 19th Fukuoka Ohashi

Short-term class lessons are designed for learners whose purpose is to advance their Japanese language speaking and listening skills in a short period of time.
The class focus mainly on speaking, conversation and pronunciation.
It will help you improve your communication and conversation skills with the Japanese people. However, the class is not limited just to conversation but also includes reading, writing, grammar, and listening kills. Students learn an assortment of Japanese phrases and expressions frequently used in everyday life.

In addition, students will get to learn about Japanese culture, history, fine arts and manners through various school activities and regional events. School activities include sushi work-shop experience, cooking ramen, Japanese Washi paper-craft classes, watching sumo tournament, and other fun activities which you can only experience in Japan.
With such a fun learning environment, students will get to improve their Japanese language skills in the shortest possible time. Have fun!

Advantages of the Short-Term Program

  • All of our teachers are certified native Japanese speakers.
  • Study Japanese and participate in Japanese Cultural Activities.
  • A reasonable price that includes accommodations.
  • Living in Fukuoka is more affordable.
  • We are located just 10 minutes away from the Fukuoka city center.

Who is Eligible?

  • Student from visa waiver countries
  • Student with a working holiday visa
  • Other visas/status (Permanent residency, spouse visa, working visa etc)

Class Schedule

  Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
9:00 - 9:45



Expressions & Conversation






Expressions & Conversation


9:50 - 10:35



10:50 - 11:35



Expressions & Conversation




Expressions & Conversation


11:40 - 12:25
Afternoon Free time

Weekly School Activities (sample)

  • Hakata Dolls
    Hakata Dolls

    Try decorating Hakata dolls, derived from traditional Japanese folk crafts. You will also learn the history of Hakata dolls.

  • Flower Arrangement
    Flower Arrangement

    You will definitely enjoy traditional Japanese flower arrangement called “Ikebana.”

  • Cooking Ramen
    Cooking Ramen

    One of the most famous cuisines in Fukuoka is “Ramen” noodles. Many people love “Ramen” noodles! You can cook ramen all by yourself. Let’s taste!

  • Izakaya Party
    Izakaya Party

    Enjoy Japanese nightlife at Izakaya. You will definitely enjoy traditional Japanese dishes! Try fresh sea food in Fukuoka!

  • Making Fake Food Accessories.
    Making Fake Food Accessories.

    One of the most popular activities for foreigners. Fake food is made from plastic and other materials to replicate the appearance of real food. You will enjoy making your own accessories.

  • Disaster Prevention Center
    Disaster Prevention Center

    Let’s learn how to prevent yourself from disasters. You will improve your knowledge of how disasters are caused and how to deal with them.

  • One Day Trip
    One Day Trip

    We are planning a one day bus trip! You will enjoy beautiful autumn scenery in Japan!

  • Asahi Breweries Tour
    Asahi Breweries Tour

    You will see the entire brewing process here. At the end of the tour, you will enjoy tasting freshly brewed beer (up to three glasses). *Soft drink for those under 20 years old.

  • Yame Traditional Craftwork Center
    Yame Traditional Craftwork Center

    Make your original handmade Japanese paper crafts. You can choose from a fan, a post card, a bookmark, etc.

School Activity Report

Curriculum and Learning Contents

Designed for learners who want to study everyday conversation in Japanese. Focus on speaking listening and pronunciation. Learners will build their vocabulary, and can speak Japanese using correct grammar.  Includes activities designed for experiencing Japanese culture. Provides more opportunities for communication with the Japanese people.

Beginner to Advanced Beginner class : The textbook is mainly focused on daily conversation.
Intermediate to High Intermediate class : This textbook is mainly focused on conversation and lots of Japanese useful phrases.

Level Contents Goals
  • Classroom phrases/Greeting
  • Number/Shopping/Time/Date/Day
  • Introduce yourself
  • Daily Conversation
  • Various Questions and Answers
  • Basic nouns / Basic Verbs / Basic Adjective
  • Hiragana / Katakana / Kanji
  • Vocabulary

  • Textbook:
    (Bunka Syokyu NihongoⅠ)
  • Use expressions frequently encountered in daily life in Japan.
  • Write and read all hiragana and katakana.
  • Write and read some kanji.
  • Use appropriate words for the right situation. 

Beginner textbook

  • Introduce yourself / ‣Instructions
  • Invitation / declined
  • Encouragement / ‣share a topic
  • Daily Conversation
  • leave a message on the phone
  • Description of symptoms
  • Description of the situation
  • Inquiry / favor / complaining / apologies / suggestion

  • Textbook:
  • Use expressions frequently encountered in daily life in Japan.
  • Use appropriate words and phrases for the right situation.
  • Read and write some kanji.

Intermediate textbook

Placement tests (oral and written) will be given to the student on the first day of the program in order to assign the student to the appropriate class level.

Program Fee

The following total price includes class tuition fee, textbooks, school activity fee, accommodations and airport pick-up service.


Program Fee
Class Tuition Language & Cultural Activities $ -
Accommodations $ -
Airport Pick-up $ -
Total $ -

Please note : Airport Pick-up Service

* Pick-up service is available at Fukuoka airport at 9:00am to 6:00pm only.

* If you arrive in Fukuoka after 6:00 pm, please book a hotel near the airport. We will pick you up at the hotel the following day.

* If you choose home-stay option, pick-up service is available for 24 hours.


Please feel free to contact us from here. If you have questions about the school.