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Japan’s Halloween: Unique Charm and Cultural Background

Hello, welcome to the blog of the NILS Japanese Language School! In this edition, we will introduce you to Halloween in Japan and explore how it has been embraced and developed its unique charm. We will also delve into its history, characteristics, and relationship with the religious beliefs of the Japanese people.   Contents: History of Halloween and its Introduction to Japan Charact… Read More

“Autumn of 〇〇” and “△△ Hunting”

Hello everyone,   The long summer vacation has come to an end, but unlike in the past, Japan is experiencing a delay in the arrival of autumn due to factors like global warming leading to rising temperatures. Even in September, the temperatures haven't dropped significantly, and it still feels like summer is continuing. Once October arrives, the heat of summer will indeed recede, and autum… Read More

Explore&Enjoy Open Campus Day

こんにちは。日本語学校NILSのスタッフです。今日は進学について話をします。 Hello, I am a staff of the Japanese school NILS. Today, I will write about how students continue their education after graduation. ・NILSのカリキュラムには進学するための授業が組み込まれています We have integrated some special curriculums into our lessons to achieve higher education. NILSで学んでいる学生の多くは、NILSを卒業した後に大学・専門学校で勉強をします。NILSで基本的な日本語の勉強をして、その後日本の大学や専門学校で日本語を使って日本でのビジネスのやり方・マナー学びま… Read More

How do you spend a meaningful summer vacation?

Hello, everyone. Long summer vacation is coming to our school NILS, too so soon. Any international student has limited time to study abroad, so summer vacation is the best time to study or experience valuable time in Japan. You must plan for your summer vacation to make it meaningful.      What do you do on summer vacation, students? If you have no plans for this long summer vacation, th… Read More

Make a wish ~Tanabata event たなばた会~

What is Tanabata? ~Story~ Once upon a time, there were a daughter of the god, and skilled weaver princess named Orihime, and a cowherd named Hikoboshi. They fell in love and got married. However, after their marriage, they stopped working and spent their days playing, neglecting their responsibilities. Angered by their behavior, the gods created the Milky Way to separate them. Seeing their so… Read More

Why is Japan so popular for international students?

Hello. A weak yen is encouraging tourists to visit Japan from abroad nowadays. Visitors gathering for the reopening of popular sightseeing spots are increasing even more than before the Covid pandemic. We see many foreign tourists at must-see locations, especially on business days and they seem to enjoy staying there so much. Also, many international students are coming to study in Japan, too.… Read More

Try the mock exam for JLPT!  JLPTチャレンジ模試に挑戦!!

Do you know JLPT challenge mock exam?   It is a pre-test organized by our school for Japanese Language Proficiency Test- JLPT. Don’t worry, you do not need to get a high score on this pre-test, because it is a trial and a challenge to know your current skill. You can find what you need to learn at the moment and how many skills you have by this mock exam. So, let’s get ready enough for … Read More

Things you can’t do during a test.

Do you have any rules when you take a test in your country? We have rules that you should follow during taking a test in Japan. We have varieties of tests- Mini kanji test, Checking test, Final exam, etc. at NILS. You should follow the rules during those tests. Our first-year students also started taking tests already, but some of them seem unprepared to follow the rules. So, let me tell you … Read More

Our sport event was held – The athletics festival-

How are you? An athletics festival was held at NILS. It has been suspended for three years because of the covid pandemic. Each class competed for the total scores of three programs. Seems they feel refreshed exercising under the sun, it is so hot, though. Students and teachers were so excited! ①Dodgeball This is the sport any Japanese has experienced in elementary school even once. Players atte… Read More

Rainy season started.

Rainy season started. Tsuyu, also known as rainy season has just started on 29th May in Northern Kyushu. Rains and clouds occur due to the interaction of several meteorological factors during late spring and summer time in Tsuyu season. The rain can be persistent with increased humidity. Humidity can create favorable conditions for the growth of mold. Clothes are not dried out properly. Also,… Read More


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