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Field Day

Do you have a field day in your country? Japan has a national holiday in October called Sports Day, and most secondary schools celebrate it by organizing field day activities. It’s called Undokai at elementary schools or Taiikusai at middle and high schools. Let me talk about the kind of events students participated in. There are a variety of events depending on the school. For example, you will… Read More

NILS Blog – “Sanma”

I would like to write about Sanma (Pacific saury) today. Most Sanma is fished in open seas off the coasts of Aomori and Chiba prefectures. Sanma caught in October is fatty and full of nutrients which help alleviate symptoms of lifestyle illnesses like high blood pressure, etc. Sanma in Chinese characters is written as ”秋刀魚”which translates to “autumn sword fish” because of its sword like apperance… Read More


Hello, everyone. I would like to write about abbreviation today. I am sure you use your own unique abbreviation in your country. Japanese people are constantly abbreviating words to create new ones.   ・Konbini Convenience store I always buy an obento box at Konbini by the station.   ・Sumaho Smartphone Japanese people say Sumaho or Ketai.   ・Sutaba I like mocha frappuccino… Read More

Letter from Senpai at NILS Annex (Vol.2)

We got a message from Senpai (a senior student) at NILS Annex. His name is Alex. He is the billiards King at our school. He is always looking for more people to play with.   =・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・= Hello. My name is Alex and I love playing Billiards. I have played and won many pool tournaments back home in America. I have been at the NILS Annex school for… Read More

Let’s try Tongue Twister!

How do you normally practice your Japanese pronunciation? Have you found a winning strategy?   Today, I am going to introduce some Japanese tongue twisters (早口言葉(はやくちことば)). Like "She sells seashells on the seashore". It may not help you to learn any conversational skills but might improve your pronunciations indeed.   Level (1) 生麦(なまむぎ) 生米(なまごめ) 生卵(なまたまご)        nama-mugi   nama… Read More


It’s been cool lately, hasn’t it?   Today, I would like to tell you about the voice of insects.   As you know, there are four seasons in Japan. Autumn is a wonderful season here. It is cool and comfortable, and insects gently “cry” in the evening. (Autumn in Japan is from September to November.)   Since ancient times, this insects’ “cry” has been written in waka and haiku. Whe… Read More

What does “autumn” mean to you?

It’s getting cooler in Japan as we enter the fall season. What images come to you when you hear the word “autumn”? Japanese people often say “autumn is the season for …..” Let me give you four examples.   (1) Autumn is the season for eating. There are a number of tasty things in autumn such as sweet potatoes, chestnuts, pears, bonito fish, mackerels, etc. It’s so easy to over eat. When ask… Read More

Sings of Autumn

Hi everyone. How are you?   It’s autumn in Japan. I would like to talk about signs of autumn.   1.Fine Autumn Day Not a cloud in the sky, air is dry and weather is comfortable. You can feel autumn on such a fine day.         2.Rice Plant Autumn is a harvest season for rice. You can see rice ears hanging in rice fields. Rice harvested in autumn is de… Read More

National Holidays

There are two national holidays in September – 20th and 28th. I would like to tell you a little bit about them. September 20th is called “Keironohi” (Respect the Aged Day). People honor their elderly citizens and wish them longevity. Families often give presents to their grandparents. September 23rd is the autumn equinox day – “Shubun no hi”. It’s also called “Higan no chunichi”, and on this day… Read More


Hello, everyone. It’s already September! Today, I would like to introduce a type of food Japanese people eat in September. Have you seen or tried this food on the photo? This is called “Ohagi”. Ohagi is a type of sweets wrapped around with slightly crushed sweet beans (Anko) or soy bean flour. People offer Ohagi to their ancestors and eat it on the day of “Ohigan” . They also visit the family g… Read More


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