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We applied for JLPT exam!  JLPT受験の申し込みをしました。

March 25-April 15 was the application period for this year's first JLPT. For students who are anxious about applying on their own, NILS provides assistance with the application process. Before exam registration, a student must first create an ID and password to log in to the site. Your name, date of birth, and address in Japan are required. Many students struggled with the address because they … Read More

What is “Convini”? Everyone uses “Convini” in Japan!

Hello, I’m a staff member of Japanese language School NILS. Following the previous blog, I want to talk about “JLPT” and “Convenience store (Convini)” today. At previous blog, I told you that we applied for JLPT exam in the class. The next step is the payment for the exam. You may know there are several methods of payment, like credit card, bank wire transfer. You can even pay the fee at a co… Read More

Japanese-language Test :Why are our students able to pass JLPT N2 Certificate?

Hey, I’m a staff of NILS. Today, I want to talk about Japanese tests. There are numerous tests in Japan to evaluate your level of Japanese, for example, J-Test and BJPT. And most well-known test for non-native speakers is The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), So, let me explain about JLPT. Here are the points. 1. JLPT has five levels. They are N1 , N2 , N3 , N4 , and N5 . 2. N1 is … Read More

The 1st Preparatory Class for going onto university!

NILS offers preparatory classes for students who wish to go to a university or vocational school. The first class was held on March 10. There were three main contents in that class. 〇 Checking the Schedule 〇 Understand the program tuition fees 〇 Understand how to enroll in the university through the admission on recommendation We will briefly explain these topics below to you.   〇 Abo… Read More

Let’s pass JLPT ! This is how Ms. Hao’s studies to pass

Hello. I am Kikuchi from NILS. 2023 July’s JLPT(Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) application has just started. Today, let me introduce Ms. Hao. She is going to tell us how to study JLPT. Actually, she is a graduate student of NILS this year. Ms. Hao who passed JLPT, N2. Kikuchi (“K”):  Ms. Hao, congratulations on passing JLPT, N2 last December!   Hao (“H”): Thank you! K: Could you plea… Read More


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