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The 1st Preparatory Class for going onto university!

NILS offers preparatory classes for students who wish to go to a university or vocational school.
The first class was held on March 10.

There were three main contents in that class.
Checking the Schedule
Understand the program tuition fees
Understand how to enroll in the university through the admission on recommendation

We will briefly explain these topics below to you.


〇 About the schedule

May: Open Campus starts (visit schools to get information)

You will be able to learn the details about each university and vocational school through their Open Campus.
Please take part in Open Campus as much as possible.

June : 1st EJU
Students who wish to go to university must take EJU.

July: 1st JLPT
If you pass N1~N3, there is a possibility that tuition fees become lower than their regular price.
This test is also useful to know your Japanese proficiency. Please try to do your best to pass JLPT.

August: You will receive application forms from universities and/or vocational schools.
If you find a school that you would like to apply for, please fill out the application form.

September: Entrance examinations begin
You will mainly have Japanese language tests and interviews.
Practice for the examination is very important.

After October: Let’s prepare for your exam!

〇 About program tuition fees

It requires money to go to a university or vocational school.
You should research how much money you will need prior to the entrance exam.
There are three main types of cost that you have to prepare for.

1. Examination fee (10,000 to 30,000 yen)
2. Admission fee (50,000 to 200,000 yen)
3. Tuition fee (500,000 to 1 million yen)

Let’s do some research in advance about schools that you have interests.


〇 About the admission on recommendation

Japan has a style of entrance examination called “admission on recommendation”.
In simple words, this exam is available for students who are referred by NILS to universities and/or vocational schools as excellent students.
There are some conditions and terms in order to determine as a good student, but you will be fine if you study hard for Japanese tests at NILS.

Some school offers lower tuition fees if you get a recommendation.
Keep in mind to follow Japanese regulation and NILS’s rules not to miss your recommendation!


NILS is providing you with twelve preparatory classes like this.
At the next class, we will explain some words/vocabulary to you that are often used in the process of entering universities and vocational schools.
Don’t miss it!


Please feel free to contact us from here. If you have questions about the school.