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Our Fukuoka Campus is the primary location for students studying in our Short-Term Program. Ohashi is located near the center of Fukuoka City, five minutes by train. We have had students from Brazil, France, the U.S., Canada, Austria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the U.K. They study Japanese at NILS for one to three months. In a short time, they will enjoy conversation with others exclusively in Japanese. Whenever possible, teachers avoid using English when conversing with them.

We schedule tests every week in order to evaluate the improvement of their language skills.
Students in our Short-Term program also enjoy activities offered weekly. They visit Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Kyushu National Museum, and other historic places, and they enjoy the experience of making traditional Arts and Crafts (for example, origami) in Hakata. Students enroll with us for Japanese conversation experience and discover so much more!

Address Sato Buidling, 1-17-6 Ohashi , Minamiku, Fukuoka 815-0033
E-mail nils@nilsjapan.com
Station A one-minute walk from Nishitetsu Ohashi Station

Please feel free to contact us from here. If you have questions about the school.