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What student say

Thorne Nalley, from the United States

When I first came to NILS, I had no idea of what to expect. As time went by, however, I started to realize that I was in a good place, in good hands, and became more and more ready to face the challenges that lay before me. I slowly got more used to the material than the teachers had prepared for us, which in turn allowed me to get more used to the language. Whenever I had an issue, or some sort of question, no matter how silly it may have seemed, they helped me to the best of their ability. Any question, ranging from, "How do I clean a rice cooker?" to helping with some homework. Aside from being super helpful, they also strive to make a comfortable class dynamic for all students involved. Honestly, I got away with more things in my classes her, than I could have in an American class. I have come to make great bonds with all of the teachers, and I hate to say good-bye. Hopefully in my future, I will have the ability to pop in and say hello!

Fang Xiaoyun,China

I have been in Japan for about two months. I got new friends and new teachers at my school, NILS, and became accustomed to a new life here in Japan. Ogori is a small city in Fukuoka, but it is quiet and clean, and also in pleasant climate. People here are very kind and friendly to us. They always give us warm greetings with a smile.
I was used to studying at NILS. I have classes in the morning. Every day passes by quickly because I study with very kind teachers. Hirao-sensei is in charge of my class. I like to listen to her. She is pretty funny and always smiles at the students. Every time she finishes explanation of each grammar, she confirms if everyone understands, and she also answer our questions patiently. She sometimes use different methods such as gestures to make the point clearer and easier for us to understand. All the teachers at NILS are very kind to the students and very dedicated to their work.
You see many students from several countries at NILS, and we are getting along with each other. I will try my best to spend a happy and meaningful life at NILS with my classmates and teachers.


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