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Short-Term Program
NILS Short term program will resume in May 2024!

Short-Term Program.

In the Short term program, we mainly focus on conversation skills and learning Japanese
culture through classrooms instruction and weekly school activities.

Full-Time Intensive Programs

Full-Time Intensive Programs.

The school spent many years developing a long-term program for those who aspire to higher
education in Japan schools. These programs allow international students to acquire practical
Japanese language proficiency and to problem-solve daily issues.

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Learn Japanese at NILS

If we know foreign culture, then our world will be wider.

Why do students choose NILS?

NILS is one of best language schools in Japan. Here are some of the highlights:

  • All of our teachers are certified native Japanese speakers. They not only complete a 420-hour Japanese teacher training course but also having lots of teaching experience. All of our teachers can provide you with the best methods for learning Japanese.
  • Many exciting school activities and local events for international students.
  • A reasonable price that includes accommodations.
  • Fukuoka’s affordability and low cost of living.
  • Immersion: Japanese-only atmosphere in all classes. Develop Japanese communication skills quickly!

School Blog

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