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Learn Japanese in NILS

Established in 2003, NILS has hosted students from all over the world, including China, Korea, Nepal, the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Brazil, Ghana, and many other countries. NILS is authorized by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, for the purpose of improving the quality of Japanese language institutes, providing a comfortable setting for foreign students to study Japanese.
We tailor the language program to suit your needs, making sure that you are truly comfortable with the language before you complete your course. If learning Japanese is what you desire, look no further than NILS.
Let’s learn Japanese language with us!

Why do students choose NILS?

Because NILS is located in Fukuoka!

Ranked the 12th most livable city in the world by Monocle’s quality of life ranking,
Fukuoka city, one of the most beautiful and most pleasant places in all of Japan. Surrounded by majestic mountains and beautiful seas with a rich and varied food culture, this area is rarely a victim of natural disasters. You realize that you are in a safe, convenient, and comfortable city. Fukuoka is the best city to learn the Japanese language and Japan’s authentic culture.

Living expenses are also lower

Compared to other cities and areas in Japan, you can find much lower living expenses here.
You will need approximately JPY40,000 - 60,000 for such expenses as meals, utilities, phone, etc. You can work part-time during the time of your study at NILS, so you can save some money for personal use.

Compare the cost of living in Japan
Compare the cost of living in Japan

The above fee includes monthly rent, meals, utilities, medical and other personal expenses.

Because most of our students have succeededin higher education after completing our program!

During the program, students who aim for higher education such as universities, colleges, and business schools will be given special support by NILS staff who are experts in this field, accompanying students to universities’ seminars, entrance examination pre-tests, and supplemental lectures.
The programs include JLPT test support.

Because students can encounter authentic Japaneseculture with people from the local community!

NILS has a close and strong relationship with the local community and the city itself. The mayor of our city shows his respect at entrance and graduation ceremonies for those students who have traveled from afar. Many events and activities are held by the local community throughout the year so that our students have many opportunities to communicate with the Japanese people. Students can experience and learn the real Japanese culture through the community.

Intensive Full-time Programs

These programs are for students aiming for higher education and a high level of Japanese proficiency. Programs include regular lessons and JLPT & EJU preparation classes.

12-Month / 15 Month Program

Those programs are designed to improve your Japanese language skills quickly. Even beginners can progress to the intermediate level after completing this program.
Our class lessons cover all skills: reading, listening, vocabulary, Kanji, grammar and speaking with accurate pronunciation.
15-Month Program [Aim for JLPT Level N3-N4.]
12-Month Program [Aim for JLPT Level N4-N5.]

18-Month / 21 Month / 24-Month Program

Those programs are designed for advancement to higher educational institutions in Japan. You will improve your language skills to the academic level necessary for study at Japanese colleges and universities and will improve your ability to communicate in Japanese with fluency and accuracy.
24-Month Program [Aim for JLPT Level N1-N2.]
21-Month Program [Aim for JLPT Level N2-N3.]
18-Month Program [Aim for JLPT Level N2-N3.]

Part Time Job

- Full-Time Intensive Program -

You are permitted to work part-time after you obtain a work permit issued by the Immigration Bureau of Japan. You can apply for the permit at the time of entry into Japan. With a student visa, you are permitted to work for a period not to exceed 28 hours a week during a semester, and for a period not to exceed 8 hours a day while you are on a long-term vacation.

Tuition Fee

12-months Program
Program period Application due date Tuition fee
2024 Oct May 17, 2024 ¥820,000 ($5655 : $1=¥145)
15-months Program
Program period Application due date Tuition fee
2025 Jan August 23, 2024 ¥987,500 ($6,810 : $1=¥145)
18-months Program
Program period Application due date Tuition fee
2024 Oct May 17, 2024 ¥1,155,000 ($7,966  : $1=¥145)
21-months Program (Ogori Campus Only)
Program period Application due date Tuition fee
2024 Jul Feb 22, 2024 ¥1,322,500($9,121 : $1=¥145)
24-months Program
Program period Application due date Tuition fee
2025 Apr Nov 8, 2024 ¥1,490,000 ($10,276  : $1=¥145)

Accommodations Fee

Finding accommodations in a foreign country, you never know if it will be an issue of contention or not.
We offer several accommodation options for our students. Please let us know your needs.
We will reply to you with approximate cost and room availability.

NILS Dormitory Opiton
TOTAL [ 1 year ]
(1 student/room)
US $6,000 ($500/month)
1) Above total fee Includes monthly utilities (water, gas and electricity bills)
2) $255.00/year for National Health Insurance is required by Japanese law.
3) Above total fee may change without a notice due to daily currency exchange rate.
Leo-Palace Option
Rent Housing Fee
Yearly rent US $10,250 ( $762.5 per month )
1) Above total fee includes monthly utilities (water, gas and electricity bills) and Internet access fee.
2) $255.00/year for National Health Insurance is required by Japanese law.
3) Above total fee may change without a notice due to daily currency exchange rate.

Enrollment steps

  • STEP 1
    Send us the application form by email

    - NILS Enrollment Agreement
    - Photo copy of the diploma and the academic transcript of your highest education level completed
    - Bank statement
    - Photos [4×3 centimeters]

  • STEP 2
    Make a payment
  • STEP 3
    The school will prepare for your certificate of eligibility and submit it to Japan’s Immigration Bureau
  • STEP 4
    The school will send the original Certificate of Eligibility to your address. You will apply for a student visa with the original Certificate of Eligibility at the Japan embassy in your country
  • STEP 5
    Book your flight ticket and provide us your flight information. The school will arrange a pi-ck-up time for you.
  • STEP 6
    Attend an orientation session and start your program

Various activities throughout the year!

NILS offers a number of school activities while you are attending our programs. We maintain strong ties with the Ogori International Relationship Association, providing you with many opportunities to participate in various local events so you can enjoy chatting with the local people.

  • One Day Trip to Kumamoto & Miyazaki

    One Day Trip to Kumamoto & Miyazaki
  • Fukuoka’s famous festival

    Fukuoka’s famous festival
  • Yusentei Park

    Yusentei Park
  • Cooking Ramen


Greeting from CEO, NILS

Greeting from Principal

Each one of you who are eager to learn Japanese in Japan has your own purpose. We always try our best to provide the best learning circumstance for you.

We are always keeping in mind instructions to pull out your motivation through a good teaching appropriate to each student's purpose, a high quality lesson, and cultural interactions at the school and in the community.

Moreover, it is one of the features of NILS that our students are multinational. Currently a lot of students from China, Nepal, the U.S., Canada, European countries, Australia, Singapore, Ghana, etc. are learning Japanese at NILS.

We hope they will not only learn the Japanese language but they will also understand each other's culture and traditions and improve their communication skills.

We earnestly hope excellent talented people from NILS will connect the world to Japan through the Japanese language.

Toshiyuki Sato
NILS Japanese Language school

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