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Wednesday School Activities (sample)

The following sample activities includes your program.

  • Hakata Dolls
    Hakata Dolls

    Try decorating Hakata dolls, derived from traditional Japanese folk crafts. You will also learn the history of Hakata dolls.

  • Flower Arrangement
    Flower Arrangement

    You will definitely enjoy traditional Japanese flower arrangement called “Ikebana.”

  • Cooking Ramen
    Cooking Ramen

    One of the most famous cuisines in Fukuoka is “Ramen” noodles. Many people love “Ramen” noodles! You can cook ramen all by yourself. Let’s taste!

  • Izakaya Party
    Izakaya Party

    Enjoy Japanese nightlife at Izakaya. You will definitely enjoy traditional Japanese dishes! Try fresh sea food in Fukuoka!

  • Making Fake Food Accessories.
    Making Fake Food Accessories.

    One of the most popular activities for foreigners. Fake food is made from plastic and other materials to replicate the appearance of real food. You will enjoy making your own accessories.

  • Disaster Prevention Center
    Disaster Prevention Center

    Let’s learn how to prevent yourself from disasters. You will improve your knowledge of how disasters are caused and how to deal with them.

  • One Day Trip
    One Day Trip

    We are planning a one day bus trip! You will enjoy beautiful autumn scenery in Japan!

  • Asahi Breweries Tour
    Asahi Breweries Tour

    You will see the entire brewing process here. At the end of the tour, you will enjoy tasting freshly brewed beer (up to three glasses). *Soft drink for those under 20 years old.

  • Yame Traditional Craftwork Center
    Yame Traditional Craftwork Center

    Make your original handmade Japanese paper crafts. You can choose from a fan, a post card, a bookmark, etc.

Additional School Activities

The school provides additioanl activities!
You can choose them and sign up at the school.

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