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Let’s use “ので” (〜node) and make a sentence!

We studied "~ので, ..." in a grammar class. When do you use "~ので,..."(〜node)?   Yes, it is often used to give a reason. It gives the impression of being more polite than "~から, ..."(〜kara).   I asked students to come up with the reason why " you can go home before a class finishes .“ Then, they try to think of the various reasons to use “〜ので” (node)   Here are examples of the … Read More

Let’s tour our school premises!

Hello everyone! NILS is in Ogori City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which is a very popular place in Japan nationwide. NILS is a Japanese language school with a large three-story building, and it has a good environment for studying Japanese. Surroundings is a quiet residential area that you can study quietly and intensively. Today, we would like to introduce some part of facilities of NILS! (1) Appearan… Read More

The BEST 5 of Fukuoka’s must-see spots

Hello, all. Fukuoka prefecture won the second prize in the ranking of ‘’The year 2022, Favorite places you want to live the best’’. Amazingly, popular cities like Osaka, Kyoto, and Hokkaido are not listed before Fukuoka. Also, Fukuoka city where the prefectural capital is located is ranked as the Japanese best city in another survey.  The reason for this high popularity came from people’s image… Read More

We played traditional Japanese board game: Shogi ! 

We played shogi together during the homeroom on March 14th. Shogi is a traditional Japanese board game played by two players to compete top get each other’s pieces called “koma”. Interestingly, its playing rule is very similar to chess’. There were two students know how to play chess. So, they seemed to understand the rules of shogi immediately, and enjoyed playing against each other. Students … Read More

Enjoy your ride !!

Enjoy Your ride !! Hey , I’m a staff of Japanese Language School NILS. Today, I want to talk about cycling in Japan. I see students coming in to the school every morning and greeting them. Because most of the student in NILS use bicycle to going school. It’s joyous going to school with your friends. NILS locates Ogori city , Fukuoka Prefecture. Fukuoka is compact city , it offers fashionabl… Read More


A few days ago, students wrote a poem in class. Do you know "Senryu"? A "Senryu" is a short poem in which  writers express their feelings in short sentences. The number of letters is fixed. The letters used in a "Senryu" are "5, 7, 5". It is okay to have one more letter, but if you read the words in "5, 7, 5", the rhythm feels just right. Students wrote about what they see, hear, feel, and think… Read More

NILS student dormitory is highly recommended!

Hello everyone. In January, we had a lot of snow in Fukuoka. Since Fukuoka is a warm region in Japan, it is rare to see snow even in winter. Since people are not used to snow, they often slipped and fell, and cars drove very slowly. NILS has dormitories exclusively for current students. The dormitory I visited this time is only for Nepalese female students, and everyone is having a good time w… Read More

クラス発表会 Class Presentations

 1月中旬、NILS Annex の2つのクラスの学生が「わたしの国について」の発表をしました。国がある場所や有名な観光スポット、有名な食べ物など、自分の国のいいところをまとめてほかのクラスの学生に教えました。ネパールの山々についてまとめているグループもありました。  発表を聞いた学生たちからは、「観光地を巡るのに、どのくらいお金がかかりますか。」や「そこに行くのにどのくらい時間がかかりますか。」「山にはいつ登るのがいいですか。」など、たくさんの質問が上がっていました。  発表する人も質問する人も、日本語でとても上手にできていました。日頃の勉強の成果が出ているのでしょうね。これからもこの調子で勉強を頑張りましょう。   In mid-January, students from two NILS Annex classes gave presentations on Ab… Read More

Did GHOST make a friendship?

There are many students studying at NILS Japanese Language School. They came from various countries, so they often talk about their cultures.     One day, we studied “KAMO SHIRENAI ” =“May” in English (Auxiliary verb) During the lesson, one student from Vietnam told us a story of “Probably, it was a ghost.”   This is the story! Times ago, the student stayed late at his school… Read More

NILS blog

皆さん年末年始はどんな風に過ごしましたか?日本語をたくさん話しましたか?初めてのブログで何を書こうかと考えあぐねていたのですが、結局今回は昨年(2022年)末にNILS Annex春日校で実施した陶芸体験について書くことにしました。 まず、なぜNILS Annex春日校で陶芸体験? からです。ここ春日の地は歴史的に古くから人が住んでいます。そのためか窯元もあります。春日市は弥生の里なんです。春日市のキャラクターは「あすかちゃん」と「かすがくん」です。 そんなわけで学校から徒歩圏内に陶芸体験できるところがあります。今までの私の感覚では陶芸や窯元がある場所は「人が踏み入らないような山奥」だったのですが、こんなに近くに陶芸ができるところがあるなんて驚きです。でもみなさん、くれぐれも誤解しないでくださいね。学校がある場所は決して山奥ではありません。もちろん山のふもとでもありません。ご安心くださ… Read More


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