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Hello, everyone.    How much do you know about Japanese laws, traffic rules and daily life and social customs? We invited a police officer and staffs from the City Hall to give the students a lecture, so that they have a successful stay without any issues. We hold it in July.   They learned about Japanese laws, traffic rules and how to take out the trash. This is the picture of se… Read More

Vending Machines

Do you have vending machines in your country? Most of you probably know you can buy beverages, ice cream and cigarettes from a vending machine without having to go to a store. These days, you can purchase hot meals like instant noodles, hot dogs, takoyaki, even local goods, and so on. Well, how do you buy things at a vending machine? 1. Insert coins, banknotes, or tap your IC on a machine. * … Read More

A fire station

On April 22nd, new students at NILS Annex went on a field trip. The destination: A fire station! In a medical emergency, what are you supposed to do? Call 119. Don’t worry, you can communicate in English. They are also able to help you in other languages like French, Chinese, etc. (Jake: It was so exciting.) In case of a fire, what do you do? If it’s a small fire, use a fire extinguisher.… Read More

New Students Arrived!

New Students Arrived!   The other day, I went to the airport to pick up new students. I could feel excitement in the air there because of more activities than it has been. When I was waiting for them with a NILS sign, the students walked over to us with a big smile saying “Hello.” Even students from Europe and the US who had to travel for a long time were so cheerful that I felt so uplifted. &n… Read More

How to Write Chinese Characters

There are three types of written language used in Japan – Hiragana, Katakana, and Chinese Characters (Kanji). For international students, it’s probably very challenging to write Kanji. I would like to show you three techniques of writing in Kanji.     They are Tome, Hane, and Harai. Let me explain these techniques by with a character 「手」.   Tome: This means ‘stop.’ Notice h… Read More

I receive the examination result just now.

Best wishes moving onto the next chapter of your life.  Do you remember when you got the test result of your taking the entrance exam? He got the result from the school that he wished to enter onto. Before opening, And then opened the letter, before reading, and the moment of noticing the result. I just took the moment of his delighting greatly in passing Have a look at the happy moment. … Read More


Have you ever heard of dagashi? You probably know what “okashi” is. Yes, it’s sweets or snack food.   Dagashi is a type of okashi except it’s inexpensive and packaged in small portions. Therefore, children can easily afford to buy dagashi.   Most dagashi items are less than 100 yen. Elementary school children enjoy picking dagashi for school trips while trying to stay on a design… Read More

The First Sunrise of the Year

How did you spend your New Year’s holiday? We have a tradition of watching the first sun rise on the top of a mountain and planning the New Year’s resolutions.  On January 9th, we began climbing Shitenji Mountain at 5:00 am. The mountain is located near NILS in Dazaifu. It’s pitch dark still at 5:00 am, and we had to wear headlights.  The sky is getting brighter. We reached the summit aro… Read More

food models

One of the things that surprise international students in Japan is food models or fake foods. Many truly believe those displays are real.   Look at the crispy tempura. It looks delicious!             The tarts and parfaits are also colorful and fluffy. These absolutely charming desserts look as if they are about to melt. These models are so beautiful… Read More

“しか勝たん“ (shika katan)

Hello, everyone. Today, I would like to explain a new phrase “しか勝たん“ (shika katan).   Ramen wa tonkotsu shika katan.  Kaze shika katan.   What do you think “shika katan” means? It basically means something is awesome, someone’s favorite, there is nothing better.   For example, “Ramen wa tonkotsu shika katan” means there is nothing better than tonkotsu ramen, or tonkotsu ramen is the … Read More


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