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Today's Phrase

What does “autumn” mean to you?

It’s getting cooler in Japan as we enter the fall season. What images come to you when you hear the word “autumn”? Japanese people often say “autumn is the season for …..” Let me give you four examples.   (1) Autumn is the season for eating. There are a number of tasty things in autumn such as sweet potatoes, chestnuts, pears, bonito fish, mackerels, etc. It’s so easy to over eat. When ask… Read More

Sings of Autumn

Hi everyone. How are you?   It’s autumn in Japan. I would like to talk about signs of autumn.   1.Fine Autumn Day Not a cloud in the sky, air is dry and weather is comfortable. You can feel autumn on such a fine day.         2.Rice Plant Autumn is a harvest season for rice. You can see rice ears hanging in rice fields. Rice harvested in autumn is de… Read More


Hello, everyone. It’s already September! Today, I would like to introduce a type of food Japanese people eat in September. Have you seen or tried this food on the photo? This is called “Ohagi”. Ohagi is a type of sweets wrapped around with slightly crushed sweet beans (Anko) or soy bean flour. People offer Ohagi to their ancestors and eat it on the day of “Ohigan” . They also visit the family g… Read More

Presentation Day②

Continuing from the last week, we visited the day-care facility with our students again. To make a smooth speech in front of senior citizens, they tried to prepare as much as they could. Teachers also helped and trained them the speed of their speaking. Their presentations this time are : “the reason why my dream had changed?” “How the brain works- ” “Imagination and inspiration” They resear… Read More

Presentation Day①

Our students who started their program 2 years ago finished their courses and successfully graduated from NILS Japanese Language school. We conducted the final event for them on 19th February that is to visit a day-care facility near the school. Students experienced the system of Japanese day-care service and talked to senior citizens there, also gave a speech in front of them about what they le… Read More

Year-end party

At the end of class in 2019, NILS held a Year-end party. Students saw a Rakugo performance, played some games and chatted with teachers. Followings are some students' comments.  On the last day of class of 2019, the school organized a very cheerful celebration. The activities included a Rakugo performance that made everybody laugh even though all the jokes were told fully in Japanese. All the st… Read More

Speech contest

We had a speech contest on August 2 at NILS Annex. All students who have been studying Japanese since last October made a speech regarding their dreams or their hometown in Japanese! We were impressed with their wonderful skills of Japanese and their effort of trying to make themselves understood in Japanese. By learning Japanese at NILS, they definitely improv… Read More

Dazaifu Shrine Visit

Our graduating students visited a shrine called, "Dazaifu-Tenmangu", which is well-known as a place in where a god of study is, and prayed for their study success in the future. Not only our students, but also many Japanese students who would take the test for next school come here to get pass.    … Read More

Graduation Day

We had a graduation day on 5th March. Most of Japanese schools have entrance and graduation ceremonies in quite formal way. Everybody has to wear formal cloths such as suits. Our students are allowed to wear their own traditional formal cloths because they are all international students. They were given the graduation certificate each. There were messages from the principal, Ogori Mayer, and some … Read More

Presentation Day

As senior students who entered our school in 2017 were finishing our course, we hold this presentation event on 19th February. They need to discuss what to show by using Japanese language they have learned during their study period. Each class has their own presentation with a short play. On the day, most students remembered their dialogues for around 15 minutes which is quite good.   … Read More


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