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Hello, everyone. I would like to talk about Japanese bento today.   Bento means a boxed lunch. A basic bento looks like this (photo). Half of it is rice, with picked plums on top, and the other half is side dishes.   These days, parents make cute bento boxes for their children called “Chara-ben” which is shortened from “character bento.” People create children’s favorite character… Read More


Hello, everyone. Are you familiar with Hanami? As you might have heard, many Japanese people enjoy viewing the blossoms of cherry trees. They eat, drink and appreciated the beauty of cherry blossoms. In Fukuoka Prefecture where NILS is located, cherry blossoms are typically in full bloom around the end of March. Today, let me tell you a few choice spots to view cherry blossoms. (1) Maizuru Park… Read More

What Surprises Japanese People When We Go Abroad

Hello everyone. Today I would like to talk about some of the things that surprise us when we go abroad. To put it another way, these kinds of things just do not happen in Japan. -Kissing and hugging while greeting  I remember seeing all the homestay families in Canada greeting each other like this, and I was so nervous while I wait for my turn. In Japan, we basically don't touch each other whe… Read More

NILS Blog Hinamatsuri

Hello, everyone. Have you ever heard of a Japanese traditional event called Hinamatsuri? In Japan, parents of daughters display hina dolls in March and pray for their children to grow up healthily.           Hinamatsuri was introduced to Japan from China during the Nara period (710-794). It was celebrated only among the aristocracy at first, but the current form t… Read More

Gift Giving

On what occasions do you give a gift to someone? Birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas? In Japan, we frequently give and receive gifts. Let me talk a bit about our customs here.   How to open gifts I think most people take special care wrapping gifts. The difference, I think, is how people open gifts. In Japan, gift recipients are expected to appreciate the wrapping paper, bo… Read More

Japanese Culture J-Pop A New Star

Many people love K-Pop, but J-Pop is pretty cool, too. Let me tell you a bit about a new J-Pop star. His name is Fujii Kaze. He has been active since 2020. He was born in Satosyou, a small town in Okayama Prefecture. Influenced by his music loving father, he grew up listening to all kinds of music – classical, rock, jazz, Japanese country music, etc. When he was 12 years old, he uploaded his pian… Read More

Signature Stamp

Do you have your own signature stamp? You sign on your important documents, right? Japanese people use their own stamp to “sign documents.” Thus,  most Japanese have their official stamp.   There are several types of stamps.   Jitsu-in: This type of stamp is registered in the municipality of one’s residence. It is used mostly for large transactions such as buying a car or house. T… Read More

Valentine’s Day – Japanese Style

Do you know what we celebrate on Feb. 14? Yes, of course, it’s Valentine’s Day! I would like to tell you a bit about Valentine’s Day’s traditions in Japan. (1) Valentine’s Day In Japan, women traditionally give men a gift of chocolate and confess their love. You can buy all kinds of chocolate everywhere – department stores, supermarkets, or even convenience stores. (2) When did the traditio… Read More

Common Superstitions in Japan

Hello, everyone. We talked about what not to do with chopsticks in our past blog, but there are many other superstitions in Japan. Let me talk about 8 of them today. 1. When you sneeze, someone is talking about you. If you sneeze once, someone is gossiping about you; if twice, it’s a bad rumor; three times, it’s just a cold. 2. Hide your thumb when you see a hearse. They say that if you don’t… Read More


Hello, everyone. Have you ever heard a Japanese tradition called “Ehomaki”? It is an event to look at Eho (good direction) and eat a think norimaki on Setsubun Day. There are many kinds of delicious Japanese sushi rolls. How do you eat one on this day? First of all, look in the good direction while eating. Eho is the direction from which God is coming, and this year, it is north-northwest. Se… Read More


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