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Letter from Senpai at NILS Annex (Vol.2)

We got a message from Senpai (a senior student) at NILS Annex. His name is Alex. He is the billiards King at our school. He is always looking for more people to play with.   =・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・=・= Hello. My name is Alex and I love playing Billiards. I have played and won many pool tournaments back home in America. I have been at the NILS Annex school for… Read More

Students Interview Results

I interviewed students today about their daily routines. If you are interested in going to Japan, you might find this information useful.   Daily routine for morning students 07:00                   Wake up 08:40                   Go to school 12:05                   Leave school 14:00                   Part time job 18:00                   Finish working 20:00                   Bath… Read More


On July 14, NILS students and many others attended “Shingakusetsumeikai” at Kurume Plaza Hotel. What is this Shingakusetsumeikai?   It is an information session for Japanese language school students to learn about vocational schools and colleges. After entering NILS, students learn Japanese for two years, and most go onto college or vocational schools. How do they determine which school to … Read More

Letter from Senpai at NILS Annex

Hello, all our new students! I know you can't wait to come to Japan.   Do you want to know what life is for the other students who arrived earlier at NILS in Fukuoka, Japan?   We introduce NILS LIFE of your Senpais(Seniors) as a series. Today we got a letter from Zeek. He is a 'SURVIVAL KING' at NILS Annex campus.       Hi, I'm Zeek.   I am really enjoying… Read More


On March 10th, we had our commencement ceremony.   Out teachers, junior students and other guests attended the ceremony to bear witness this important milestone.     The graduates received a lot of congratulatory messages from junior students, our company executive, the Mayor of Ogori, and many vocational schools. We truly appreciate those who gave such nice and warm message… Read More

A trip to Dazaifu

 Dazaifu Tenmangu is one of the most famous shrines in Fukuoka.  It enshrines Sugawara no Michizane who is regarded as a god of academics.   Today, we took a school trip to Dazaifu. We could feel spring in the air. Plum flowers (梅の花 Ume no Hana) were blooming, and we delighted in their beauty.   Do you know how to pray at a shrine? OK, let me explain a bit here.   When you … Read More

Presentation Day

  Last week, senior students had presentations both at Ogori and Kasuga campuses. They spent the last several weeks preparing for this activity. They picked topics of their interest, searched for information on Internet of from other sources, and wrote their script in Japanese.   In Ogori campus, student made a poster that looks just like an information map. They created the map usin… Read More

Before Graduation

The graduation day for seniors is approaching. By now, most of our students at NILS have received acceptance letters from their top choice schools, and they are now preparing for their next steps.   Most students in NILS go on to educational institutions such as universities and vocational schools after completing our 2-year (or shorter) programs.   In order to pass an entrance exam… Read More

Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021

The year end party was held in our school on 2020.12.25. Our teachers brought students various games and activities and we really had a great time! Students also received Christmas gifts from their teachers. We hope they like it.           Japanese people usually clean their house and office at the end of the year which means  "Welcome to the new year in a bea… Read More

New Students Arrived!

Some new students overseas finally could enter Japan and other students are also heading to Japan now.   They had the patience for long time traveling to Japan under the pandemic. We welcomed new students and the orientation took place today.   Our faculty explains the regulations for school, dormitory, and advised them how to accommodate themselves to the new surroundings.   … Read More


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