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Fukuoka Tower

〈Fukuoka Tower〉 In Fukuoka, there are many sightseeing spots such as Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, aquariums, and museums.  The other day I asked a NILS students what  he liked about going to Fukuoka.   He replied that it was Fukuoka Tower! Fukuoka Tower is 234m tall. As a beach tower ,it’s the tallest in Japan.   From the observation room of Fukuoka Tower located at 123m, you can see t… Read More

community activities of NILS Annex

We participated in community activities. On June 28, students gave a presentation on "My Country/Town" and "My Important People" at a nearby community center. The community center is open to the local community and anyone can use it. The Vietnamese group made posters on the theme of the four seasons in Vietnam. The posters were excellent works of art. The leader of the group, Ms. Hung, gave a p… Read More


Flowers in Japan are a wonder   In Japan, you can see beautiful flowers in every season. This is one of the things that will surprise you when you come to Japan. The most famous flower this time of year is the hydrangea. Hydrangeas are flowers that change color depending on the quality of the soil. Some families plant them in their gardens, and the Japanese have long been familiar with … Read More

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at? What is everybody looking at? What on earth happened? They seem happy. She looks surprised. They are craning necks to look at something. Our new student, Mr. Yan, seems completely focused on something. What is it? What are they so curious about? It’s the results of placement tests. He had a big smile. Congratulations. Everyone worked very hard. K… Read More

I receive the examination result just now.

Best wishes moving onto the next chapter of your life.  Do you remember when you got the test result of your taking the entrance exam? He got the result from the school that he wished to enter onto. Before opening, And then opened the letter, before reading, and the moment of noticing the result. I just took the moment of his delighting greatly in passing Have a look at the happy moment. … Read More

Winter Kanji / Students’ Pottery Works

Hello, how are you doing these days? In Japan, today is 立春(rissyun) day (4th February). This day is called the start of a year and spring in the Japanese lunar calendar. However, we still have winter cold weather even though the calendar says 'it's spring now'. So today, let me show you some Kanjis that describe cold weather.   氷(Kori) ―― ice Water turns into ice, right? So, 水 (water) … Read More

Pottery School

December 24th was our last day of school in 2021. We had been looking for something special to do for that day and came up with an excellent idea.   "Let's try Japanese pottery!"   Doesn't it sound like fun?   There is a pottery school named "Yawaragi" nearby NILS Annex campus,  and we all showed up on our last day of school.     An instructor at the pottery… Read More

Letter from Senpai at NILS Annex  ( Vol.3 )

Let me introduce our kickboxing princesses at NILS Annex. They are training hard every day to get even stronger. Hello. My name is Nafiseh, and this is my friend Naeimeh. We are both Iranians and kickboxers. This is how our gym looks like. We love to work out hard. We are also studying at NILS Annex. The classes have been interesting and very useful. We competed at a Karate international… Read More

Fall/Winter Field Trip

We had a fall/winter field trip today.   The destination is an indoor amusement park called Round 1. At this facility, one can try all sorts of activities regardless of the weather including billiards, ping pong, karaoke, etc. (Actually, we ended up here due to rain today.)   This year, students from both Ogori and Kasuga campus gathered here. It turned out to be a great opportuni… Read More

Field trip on September 30th

10 students from NIlS Annex went to temple and a community center near the school. The purpose of the trip was to meet and interact with local residents. Fortunately, we were blessed with good weather and started walking in a great mood.     We divided the students in two groups. One went to Shimoshirouzuminami - a community center just two doors down from the school. There, we … Read More


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