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Our sport event was held – The athletics festival-

How are you?

An athletics festival was held at NILS. It has been suspended for three years because of the covid pandemic. Each class competed for the total scores of three programs. Seems they feel refreshed exercising under the sun, it is so hot, though. Students and teachers were so excited!


This is the sport any Japanese has experienced in elementary school even once. Players attempt to throw a ball at members of the opposing team, and if  players are hit by a thrown ball, they must go outside the playing area. Dodgeball is one of my favorite sports. Do you play this sport often in your county, too?

It was the first time for almost all the NILS students to play, but they seemed having fun and were excited.


Jump ball, and let’s begin.

Throw balls at members of the opposing team each other. The winning team is considered by which hit balls more than the other team.


This is a cheering seat photo. They had fun though it was hot.


②Jumping a long rope

Unite your hearts! 

If you fail to follow the rhythm of jumping, it is impossible to continue jumping many times. Jumping 29 times was the best score this time. I would be exhausted before completing it.


③Relay race

It is the most exciting program in the athletics festival. Selected seven runners continuously passed batons to the goal.

Ready, set, and runners must be uneasy.

Go! Run and pass your baton to the next runner!

All the runners struggled.

I was so surprised by how fast the runners are! And didn’t know how cool they are. They were so different from when studying at school.


Achievement ceremony

1st ,2nd and 3rd winners got the certificate of celebration, medal, and prize! It is difficult to be in the TOP3 out of 16 teams.

Winners’ class! They got a gold medal. Good job. They seem to be so proud of themselves for being praised in front of other students.



And more…

They played soccer in the afternoon after the festival was over.

Usually, some students play soccer after school. Teachers also joined the team as additional members this time.



How did students feel about the Event?

☺Everyone looks happy on that day. We really had fun all together. I like to join once again.

☺I had fun. I loved playing dodgeball, especially. I want to play it again. One thing I regret is the race.

☺I am so happy our team was ranked as the champion. All the friends helped each other, though we lost the dodgeball tournament right after it started. I was so happy we won the first prize at the relay race because our runners are so fast. After all, we became the champion for being cooperative.


I heard someone said ‘’ Let’s do it once a month!’’ -Though, we have not scheduled to do so,hahaha. Anyway, everyone seems they want to do this athletic festival once again. Also, we were so happy with those voices.

We are waiting for you to come and play together at NILS! 


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