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Rainy season started.

Rainy season started.

Tsuyu, also known as rainy season has just started on 29th May in Northern Kyushu.

Rains and clouds occur due to the interaction of several meteorological factors during late spring and summer time in Tsuyu season.

The rain can be persistent with increased humidity.

Humidity can create favorable conditions for the growth of mold. Clothes are not dried out properly.

Also, you may feel sick because your feet are wet due to rain.

Also, you feel BLUE easily in rainy season.

Miss Kalpana, one of our students in NILS annex, in the photo with her friends seems so happy and refreshed with her pair of sandals.  

We change shoes into sandals or slippers when go inside the houses in Japan.


Taking off wet shoes clears away the blue feeling, then we can concentrate on studies.

Summer begins after this rainy season, and it’s the time blue sky begins covering above you.

We believe our NILS student won’t give up smiling in the rainy season until the summer comes.


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