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How to start your first day in Japan -City hall, Open bank account, and Orientation-

What do you need to do first when you come to study in Japan?

First, I tell you how you get to your accommodation from the airport. Then, let’s get things ready for residential applications at the city hall and opening your bank account. 

Today, let me introduce how you can get ready for your new student life at NILS. I tell you what you need to do when you arrive at the airport and what you prepare to start your class.


Arrival at the airport! Let’s go to your accommodation.

Your NILS teacher will be waiting at the gate. Let’s say ‘’Hajime mashite’’ ‘’Yoroshiku onegai shimasu’’

Now, you are ready. You go to your accommodation together with your teacher. You know, Fukuoka airport is well known as an accessible airport. It only takes 5 minutes only after 2 stops from the airport to the city center, Hakata.

When you arrive at your accommodation, let’s go for shopping to get your necessities.

Take a break after a long flight first. After that, I believe you need to go shopping for what you need to start living. The first thing to buy that comes to my mind is a Battery! Because the Japanese socket type is A. I believe it is definitely different from your country’s socket type. You can buy a battery at convenience stores, 100 yen shops, or other stores. If you need a modular socket, search on the internet shopping site or electricity stores. By the way, there are lots of supermarkets or convenience stores near NILS student house. You can drink tap water in Japan but it might be a good idea to get healthy bottled water instead, too.

Residential application at a city hall

You will go to the city hall the next day. NILS staffs help you with the following application if you stay at our NILS student house.

・Address registration

・National pension system

・National health insurance

Teachers help you prepare what you need to submit. You will be accompanied by a teacher to the city hall after filling out the forms at the school.

Open bank account

After the application at the city hall, now is the time to open your bank account. Again, teachers help you prepare what you need to submit. Go to a bank together with the teacher after all the forms are filled out.

What you need to open your bank account are,

・NILS student card

・Residence card

・Hanko (Wooden stamp)

Bring them all with you and go to a bank. You need to wait to get the account about for an hour. So, it may be a good time to talk to your Japanese teacher.



After you finish all the application procedures, let’s get ready to study at the school.

At an orientation class, you can learn how you live in Japan and what is like to study at school. An interpreter will help you at this orientation, so don’t worry. In addition, you will be given textbooks there. Now, it’s time to start!


NILS helps you!

NILS helps you together with our teachers just after you arrive at the airport. So, don’t worry too much even if you come to Japan for the first time. I know it is tough to get used to Japanese life so soon, but please don’t hesitate to ask our school staff for whatever you need. Our NILS teachers are always waiting to give the best support for you.


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