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Buzz” *for advanced users

Have you ever heard of the word “Buzz-ru”?

In English, it means “go viral,” so many of you have probably heard of it.


“Buzz-ru” means that a video posted on a social networking service such as Twitter or Instagram is spread by many people and attracts attention, becoming a hot topic on social networking services.

It is used all over the world, but let me tell you how the Japanese word “Buzz-ru” came to be.

The word was formed from the English word “Buzz” which has the meaning of a bee buzzing around, right? The word “Buzz” + the Japanese verb ending “ru” became the word “buzz-ru.”


Example: A dance video buzz-tta (past tense of “ru”).


Many people are now using social networking services.

Please try to find a video that has gone viral recently.





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