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Dazaifu Shrine

Dazaifu is one of the well-known shrines in Japan. About 7 million people visit this place in a year. Students often visit here for their entrance exams to academic institutions such as high school, university, college, etc. The reason why so many students come to Dazaifu shrine is the study of God has been there. On the way to the shrine, a gate, paths, bridges, and the main gate welcome visiters.


Alongside the paths are the shops, restaurants, and cafeterias, and so on. The people who visit this place can enjoy souvenirs, gifts, foods, or even charms for many things!


After the paths and the bridges, you go through the final gate to the main shrine.



Finally, you pray for your future (esapecially for the study here), and draw an oracle.

Anyway, here is an impressions from our student;

“Our teacher brought us all out to a famous shrine/ temple in Fukuoka called ‘Dazaifu’. We get to enjoy the local delicacy of dazaifu called ume mochi. It is a dessert made from Mochi and filled with azuki. We also went to the Kyushu National Musuem. Overall it was a good experience for me!”


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