School Activity Report

Today's Phrase

Making sweets

Our students visited ‘the Kingdom of Kompeitoh.’

Kompeitoh is a colorful sugar candy which was imported from Portugal before the Edo era. Many Japanese children like it because it is sweet, tiny, and colourful!


In this kingdom, you can make your own Kompeitoh.
First, you learn how to make it.



Then, you can start making it. It is not so difficult to make it for visitors.
The shape of Kompeitoh is already there in sugar white. You put them in the machine which is rolling slowly. You have a choice of colour. While the machine is rolling, you stir the Konpeitoh and add the colour with a hose like the one from the fire engine.



When the candy gets enough colour, that’s it! You can enjoy eating the Konpeitoh you’ve just made.

Here is a comment from our students;

“I’ve always thought Konpeito is a candy made by the Japanese but I learned today that it was actually made by the Portuguese. It was really fun to learn about the procedures of making Konpeito. I always wondered how the candy becomes so prickly and was very surprised to learn how long it takes to make this seemingly simple candy. I definitely think everyone should come to the konpeito museum because you not only learn about the history of the candy, but also can buy different flavored konpeito that you can’t buy anywhere else.”


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