School Activity Report

Today's Phrase

Ninja Village

We had an excursion to Saga Area. We visited a place called, “Ninja Mura (Ninja Village)”. Ninja is a kind of secret agent in these days. They collect secret information fro their enemies, asssassinate the important person by sward, poison, etc. They do a kind of magic to avoid being found.

In this village, you are able to change your clothes to Ninja Uniform. With this uniform, you can experience some activities which Ninja was doing during old time Japan.

Shuriken is a kind of knife which is specially designed to hurt or kill enamies by being thrown. There are a virety of Shuriken shape so that you can find one(s) to throw. You learn the Ninja fighting style that is completely different from Samurai ones.


One of the most popular Ninja activities among Japanese children is a posture of a magic. When they play Ninja, they spell some words for vanishing! Of course, they cannot disappear at the place.


We think our students enjoyed playing this Ninja roles. Here is one of the comments given to us.

The ninjamura was really fun. I would recommend that everyone change into the ninja clothes because the clothes do make taking photos much more interesting. It was a very enjoyable and fun trip.


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