School Activity Report

Today's Phrase

いけばな Flower arrangement

One of our school activities, we experienced flower arrangement.

The art of flower arranging began about 1400 years ago with the beginning of Buddhism in Japan. People wishing to honor Buddha with gifts of flowers wanted them arranged artistically. The first style was the Rikka style.

These arrangements were formal and difficult to compose. Rikka was perfected about 500 years ago in the Muromachi Era. Buddhist priests used an even simpler style, and Kado, the study of flower arranging, became more popular than ever. The first book on Kado was published in 1470.


Harmony is the goal of the art of flower arranging, and the basis for arrangements is the triad of Heaven-Earth-Human.


I was very surprised when teacher said my arrangement was good. It was my first time.

Flower arrangement was good fun.


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