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Making Ramen#2

At the second July 2015 all students from NILS and Hirose sensei headed by bus from Ohashi Station to a nearby kitchen, where our ramen self-cooking took place.

In pairs of two we followed the instructions of the chef-de-cuisine to make our own ramen noodles.

Fortunately all ingredients and cooking staff were already well prepared, so we could focus on the step by step instructions.

It was really nice to see the progress from how our round dough became flater and flater. After cutting the dough in noodles stripes, we were ready to boil them. In addition we prepared some gyouza too.

I wasn’t sure if our ramen would taste, but it was quiet good, to be honest. The ramen you can have in restaurants are of course still better, but for the first time making ramen noodles by myself was a very worth experience.

All in all I can assume that this activity was very well prepared from NILS and carried out from Hirose sensei and the kitchen staff at the location. I fully recommend that program for following students from our school NILS!



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