School Activity Report

Today's Phrase

Making Ramen

Making ramen has a lot of fun. In America, they do not have cooking classes in schools!

So it has nice to see children having fun and learning to make food.???????????????????????????????

I was surprised at all of the utensils used to make ramen. There were some I have never seen before.

The instructors made the directions easy to understand even if you are unable to understand Japanese very well.

I did not know we were also making gyoza, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Making ramen was a lot like making bread. I felt nostalgic when making the ramen because it reminds me of making bread with my roommate. There was also one time we tried to make noodles, but the ramen noodles were much better. It was nice to make ramen with friends. I felt that we grew closer as a group. I learned many various things about Ray while we cooked, like he was happily married. After we finished making our ramen and gyoza, I took a picture to put on facebook. Overall I think that going to a cooking class with classmates was a wonderful experience and will become an irreplaceable memory. I recommend this class for future classes.



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