School Activity Report

Today's Phrase

plastic food sample

One of the first things I noticed about Japan is that many restaurants have their menu in the form of plastic foods showcased in the display window. I found this quite interesting as back home. You usually have to ask to see the menu once you’ve entered the establishment. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the menu is posted in written-form in the window. So I thought it was very interesting that a visual form of the menu was available for potential customers to see.DSC02003-01


The shop was so cool. Just like the fake foods displayed in the many restaurants in Japan, the fake foods in this shop looked so real. If no one told me it was fake, I would definitely have tried to take a bite out of some of them.

Our class was given the choice of either making a parfait or a cake. I decided to make a parfait. ???????????????????????????????

We got to shop around and pick items we would like to put in our dessert. For example, for my parfait, I chose pocky sticks, M&Ms, Kit Kat bars, blueberries, strawberries, and a heart-shaped chocolate cookie. Afterwards, I picked a parfait-cup, poured “chocolate syrup” into the cup, went to a machine and poured some sort of resin that looked like ice-cream into the cup, and then decorated my parfait. I do not consider myself a crafty person, but my parfait looked pretty awesome.

Everyone’s desserts were awesome and so professional-looking. I just wish they were edible.

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