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Yusentei Park

This week we went to Yusentei, an old Japanese house that was used by a big samurai family.

We found out that Japanese gardens are designed to be beautiful through all the seasons. I really liked that, because in England we don’t see autumn or winter as a time to ‘enjoy’ gardens, just because the weather isn’t as nice. I love nature, so it was great to find out that a traditional garden could be enjoyed all year round.11215154_10153519712092425_4526290813278583871_n


Because it’s summer, everything was very green. Unfortunately there were some mosquitos too though, so we had to use special spray to protect ourselves! Despite the flies, I loved walking around the pond, which had so many Koi! We were allowed to feed them and pet them, and quite a few were happy to nibble on my hands. It felt very strange, but it was so fun.写真 2015-07-14 17 00 36

Afterwards, we went inside and were served tea in a beautiful room overlooking the water and garden. The tea was lovely, and they gave us some really cute little sweets with it. I had a bit of trouble remembering the correct phrases to say before and after drinking the tea, and my legs ached a bit from sitting the correct way, but it was still really fun.

After having tea, we looked around the other rooms in the house a bit, and found out that they hold weddings there. I decided to buy some postcards to send my family before we left too, as it was such a lovely experience and all the staffs were very friendly.




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