School Activity Report

Today's Phrase

Hina-matsuri (Girl’s day)

We, Japnaese people traditionally like a lot of  different festivals. We often have some kinds of festival in somewhere in Japan each month. March one is one of the famous events here. It’s called “Hina-matsuri”. Matsuri means a festival. Hina came from a word “Hina-Ningyo” which generally is miniature dolls of the noble people in Heian ara in Japan. Parents having girls usually enjoy this event by display many different dolls with different things, such as musical instruments, lights, flowers etc. on steps. We visited a place where they make such dolls and experienced the painting on them.

Let’s read what one of them thought about this activity:

“We visited a place where we could try the Hakata doll painting. Every time I see Hakata dolls in exhibitions, museums, I am shocked how beautiful and lively they are.

At the painting house we could choose from different types of dolls and figures, this was not easy to choose among them, because all of them looked cute and nice. Finally I have chosen a doll which turned out to be one of the most complicated ones 🙂 I do not mind, I love doing handcraft pieces – sometimes also in my free time I fold origami, make some painting or drawing.

I think also the boys enjoyed painting the dolls, but definitely it is a program rather suitable for ladies and girls. I have also decided if there will be friends visiting us in Fukuoka from Hungary, I will bring them to this place so they will also have a chance to create a personalized Hakata doll.

Thank your for this activity, it was really great! And I am a little sad, because that was my last activity with the school and I enjoyed all of them – I will miss it for sure.”


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