School Activity Report

Today's Phrase

A Countryside

We visited a countryside called Itoshima close to the sea. You can enjoy some seafood (especially oysters this time of the year) and Sake although it is a small town.


Here is a comment from our student;

“After meeting at Tenjin station with the classmates and our teachers, we took the bus to Itoshima and the first stop was by a kakigoya. For me this was the second time visiting kakigoya and it is always a superb experience! Sitting around the grill table and preparing the food together is great, we had some nice chats meanwhile. Partially in English, partially in Japanese. We learnt about each others’ culture and interesting facts.

After lunch we stopped by a German style shop where we could taste some sausages, hams and patés. I found this place very much like home – we eat the same kinds of sausages and meat products like in this shop. I also bought some samples because they really bring me back the taste of home and Hungary.

Afterwards we went further to visit a sake manufacture, where we had the chance to taste different types of sakes, even some special flavoured ones – there was chocolate, strawberry and plum sake among their selection. I have never seen these types before. They not only produce sake, but also home-made beer, which cannot be found by any corner. A very funny experience reached me here: there was a bath filled with sake, and you could put your hands in it to warm it up. Basically it was a hand sake onsen! This was great fun! Japanese ladies were sitting there, warming up their hands and they were very much interested about where we are from.

Our last visit was on an egg farm, where traditional sweets were produced, plus we found a lovely grocery shop with local products and special elements. It is great to see in Japan there is a respect towards local products which can be found only in farms. This kind of mentality is close to my mind.

We went back to the bus, everyone got sleepy because of the great experiences, the wonderful dishes and the good company. It was a superb daily trip where we again had the opportunity to get closer the Japanese culture and get to know more about Kyushu.

I especially would like to thank you that my partner, Robert could also join this trip – he also had a good time and had fun with my classmates.

Thanks again and if anyone asks, I just can offer Itoshima as a destination for a daily trip – I always enjoy the seaside and the culinary experience there.”


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