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Girls’ Day 2

He have some more photos and comments here,

“For not having done arts and crafts in several years it was refreshing painting clay Hakata Ningyo(dolls). Wednesday morning started with an early test which was then followed by a quick 10-minute train ride to Hakata Station. Once we arrived we took a short 10 minute walk through Hakata until we arrived at the shop. I was extremely impressed as we walked in as there were hundreds of extremely well crafted and beautifully painted dolls. We began by choosing our own Doll, with options ranging from little clay girls, to ninjas, to large kimono wearing dolls. It took around 5 minutes to decide what paint we should use. If you’re bad at colour coordination like myself do not worry they still look decent at the end ?. After a solid hour of painting we managed to learn several new colours and had our very own Hakata doll to take home. As for something I gained from this experience, it takes time and practice to become skilled.”

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