School Activity Report

Today's Phrase


We visited a city called “Yame” in the south part of Fukuoka. There is a museum of Japanese traditional crafts. You can have an experience of making “Wa-shi” (Japanese old style paper) . Our students made a fan themselves. You can see the proffesional works in the museum upstairs.

This is a comment from our student;

The trip to Kurume/Yame was very well organized and the washi making program was awesome at the handcraft centre. This was a good opportunity to look into Japanese culture and to understand a part of it more. The staff there was very helpful, it was real fun creating the washi souvenirs by myself. Upstairs we also walked around the museum part, pieces were presented in a very nice way.

Our teacher was very helpful and kind during the whole day, during the trip on the train and the bus she was teaching me some practical words in Japanese, and gave me great recommendations for traveling around Kyushu.

 I think it is a great idea to organize these activities for the students on Wednesdays, this gives extra energy and enthusiasm for learning Japanese language. Also in the upcoming weeks, I am very happy to join these trips!”



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