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Kado (A Flower Arrangement)

Our student tried the Japanese syyle flower arrangement! This traditional art is so proffessional that everybody can be the teacher. You need to learn and practice so many years like getting a black belt for Judo, Karate, etc. Althought this art has been in Japan from  the ancent times, the way of expression has been changed. So we have different styles of flower arrangements in these days. Some are quite simple, some are very lively, some are contrasty, and so on. If you would like to learn this art, you had better choose which style you like to make. As visitors,  the simple one is good for the first step.

This Kado is very much related with Sa(Cha)do  (Green tea hospitality).  The founder of the tea hospitality (Sen no Rikyu) used only a sigle flower in the tea room in 15th century. He built a simple house by vernacular materials with the smalest room (only 2 Tatami mat size)  having a simple flower. He created  the “Wabi” and “Sabi” (similar to “simple is best.”) philosophy with this house. It means that the single flower has a lot of meaning in the room. The host has to think about what kind of flower he choose in the room very deeply. It can be the expression of host’s feeling, give the season to the guests, simply produce the contrast to the room, etc. So every single part of a flower including vase, place, season, and so on are importsnt to create a particular space.

When you see the finished works, they look strange because you do not know the concept of the flowwer arrangement. However, they should have the theme for the results and many Kado people get the idea of the work. Numbers of the flower, angle of the branches, length of each, size of the vase,etc. everything is chosen with purpose.


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