School Activity Report

Today's Phrase


Setsubun is an event at the beginning of February. Most Japanese people throw beans which are sold at many shops when the time is near. We visited a temple where the people on the stage throw beans and the audience pick them up for the happiness.


We got a comment from our student;

” Setsubun feels like a very lively time of year and I was happy to see the celebrations. The dressed up おに were everywhere and it was fun to take pictures with them. The food in the stalls cooking outside the shrine and temple all smelled great and added to the atmosphere. Everyone seemed to be in a great spirit and very joyful.

The anticipation grew for the event to begin when they toss gifts and beans into the crowd from above and was very exciting when it did start! It can become very crowded but you just go with the flow and join the crowd in cheering!

The temple built in year 806 was extraordinary.  The big budhha upstairs is beautiful as well and the inside path leading through hell, the darkness and into heaven is such an experience. Such care has been put into the place and it is very beautiful.

I had a great time visiting the shrine and the temple with our teachers. If I had been a foreigner here and went alone I would have missed out on so much. I truly appreciate their time.

They were very informative and made it a lot of fun. They went out of their way to get answers to all of the questions and I felt like I was truly informed. All the while making it enjoyable. We had a lot of laughs.”


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