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Yusentei-A Japanese Garden

We visited a traditional Japanese garden and a tea house in Fukuoka.

Here is a comment from one of our students;

” We visited the Yusentei Koen which was again, after the washi making activity, a great occasion and daily trip. Yusentei Koen was bulit in 1754 as a summer castle and resort of Kuroda Tsugutaka, the 6th lord of the Kuroda Clan. The building itself is also gorgeous, however, I especially liked the park surrounding it. For me, Japanese gardens, parks and forests really show the specialty of the Japanese culture – and also this time I was more than impressed.

Walking around the garden I could enjoy the morning feeling of the park, no other visitors were there at that time yet. The goldfish were just waking up and were looking for the morning sun. We also bought some fish food to feed them – I hope they had a great breakfast 🙂

We also went inside the castle building and could enjoy the matcha tea with some Japanese sweets. It is great how the bitterness of the tea balances the sweet of the desserts. I just love it! Sitting on the tatami in the tea house, we occasionally found ourselves on a wedding photo shooting. The young man was wearing black and white elegant dress, and the bride was in a fantastic white kimono. I have never seen Japanese wedding couple before, so it was really a first time experience for me.

With Noriko san and the boys we had a good time at Yusentei Koen, I am sure I will go back with my partner there soon. I was happy to use the couple of words and sentences which I already know in Japanese.

I am looking forward to the next activity as well, and thank you very much again for organizing these trips!


Thank you!


Lilla Mate




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