School Activity Report

Today's Phrase

The Star Festival ②

NILS full-time program held the star festival called Tanabata.
Students had a good time in experiencing Japanese culture.
Here are students’ comments.

“Tanabata felt like a festival of loved persons. We are so far from our parents, friends but the emotions are always connected and the hope that we will surely meet with them one day. That’s what Tanabata is all about. “Never losing hope to meet your loved ones.”

“Tanabata described the bond between humans, which is decreasing day by day in this hectic modern world. Though we are very busy in earning our bread and butter, we must remember we do have a family and must spend time with them.”

“Very interesting. Thanks to the school and the teachers for creating this extra-curricular session. I hope my wish will come true.
Sincere thanks to all the teachers and schools for the interesting and useful extracurricular activities for students, learning Japanese culture as well as learning new and unique cultures of students. new country. On behalf of all C3 students, I would like to thank the teachers and the school once again.”


“Living on the other side of the world can make you feel disconnected from your usual comforts. It is important to remember where you came from, but to also look ahead. Tanabata is a reminder to me, that no matter how far you go, a new home always awaits. Just like the world, it doesn’t matter which branch you chose to leave your wish on, you will always be surrounded by others. We are forever bound on our journey to find desire fulfilled.”


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