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Visit to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

We visited Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and Kyushu National Museum in early September.  Students enjoyed Japan’s ancient history.

“Dazaifu is a famous place in Fukuoka area, which is definitely worth visiting.
To reach their shrine you have to pass a realy nice road with many Omiyage shops and very good-looking restaurants. At the shrine area you should follow a specific way to wash your hands and pray, which ones introduced, it isn’t so difficult. At this place the shrine was build for poeple who wanna pray for getting better in their studies.
After that we headed to the Kyushu National Museum, which contained many interesting objects like vases, ancient katanas and maps painted mostly from Europeans, discovering the Asian countries in the last centuries.”  —Dennis-san.太宰府9月



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