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School Activity Report

Enjoy Bowling


Kyle-san sent us his comment about the activity in Japanese again!



I went bowling at the local bowling alley with Florian, Ms. Ogawa, and Mr. Hayashi. It had been a long time since I last went bowling. Bowling is very common in the U.S. so I have done it many times, but I am not very good at it. We rented shoes and went up to the 4th floor to play. There were not many people, but we did share our spot with another group. While I started out weak, towards the end of the first game I turned it around and managed to take second place. Mr. Hayashi played a really good game and got 150 points. I had heard that he was good at bowling and that game didn’t disappoint. The second game I did a little bit worse and I could never make up the points. Florian ended up in second place at the end and I was in third. I was a little disappointed by the results. After the games we tried playing the punching game in the lobby. Myself and Florian took turns punching the machine and trying to get a good score. The highest I got was around 550, while Florian got just under 800. This was the last time I would see him, so it was nice to have fun together one last time. —Kyle, US.



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