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School Activity Report


NILS 小郡キャンパスでは、七夕が近いので、短冊にお願いごとを書いて笹の葉に結んで飾り付け。みんな、いろいろ書いていましたが、最も多かったのは「日本語が上手になりたい」というお願いでした!学生が短冊に書いたお願い事を紹介します!

As Tanabata  is coming soon on July 7th, NILS students at Ogori Campus wrote their wishes on strips of colored paper and hanged them on bamboo grass. Lots of students wish for higher Japanese language skills. Now, we would like to introduce some of their wishes.


I wish to be an astronaut. —Puri, Nepal I wish I can enjoy working in the future. — Stanley, US
I wish I can study at a university
in Japan. —Nguyen, Viet Nam
I wish to be a nice guy and to get married with a wonderful lady. —Khadka, Nepal
I wish I can go on to a vocational school in Tokyo. —Panta, Nepal I want to be a Japanese language teacher. —Rijal, Nepal


We made the tree like this!
Isn’t it beautiful? Join us 七夕(たなばた) festival next summer!

We wish all of our students can make their wishes come true!


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