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Hakata Traditions



We visited shrines and temples in Hakata area. And it was a great fun to experience weaving Traditional Hakata Ori textile.

Here are comments from our students.

“It was so interesting, We saw so many temples and jinja. Tochoji temple let me give deep impression because the Buddha was so big. We went to temple before, pay respect ceremony is very different to Taiwan because we can used red candle to Buddha.  White candle just used people die. And I went to Kushida jinja so many times, but every time see the Kushida jinja, I always think it’s so amazing. I love here so much. We went to Hakata traditional craft Center and saw doll museum, then they taught us how to make mocha, it was so nice.”  — Pete, from U.S.

“On my second day of class since I arrived in Fukuoka, I had a very interesting activity with the other students and the teacher. It is my first time coming to Japan, and one of the thing I wanted to see the most here was Shrines (神社) and Temples (お寺). We went for a tour in Hakata with a guide who explained a lot of things about each traditional places. It was really interesting to learn about culture and traditions. I was very pleased to visit Kushida shrine, it was a very interesting, colourful and impressive place. Learning how to pray and behave was also very interesting because in Canada, traditions are not very important. The Hakata dolls museum was also so interesting. On the first floor, we could make matcha and learn how to properly drink it. It was so delicious. In Canada, matcha is expensive and the quality is low. On the second floor, we could see beautiful Hakata dolls and Hakata fabrics. I’m really pleased to have done that tour and learned more about Fukuoka history and Japanese culture!” — Nadine, from Canada.



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