School Activity Report

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The calligraphy activity

The calligraphy activity was so much fun!
Besides the typical Kanji and Kana, we also had the option of painting a picture. I chose the picture option because it gave me the opportunity to blend 2 cultures together. yjimage
Since I am fond of both Japanese and Persian culture, I decided to  paint a Farvahar.
Since it’s ink, and not erasable, we are given practice sheets to practice before the final drawing. Once you have a design that you like, you can attempt the final drawing on a nice piece of paper.
Be sure not to rush yourself, because haste makes waste.
Also make sure to take breaks because calligraphy, both writing or painting, is very tedious and does strain the mind.
Also be sure to take a 10 minute break before you attempt your final drawing.
Sensei also mentioned that once the ink touches fabric,it will NEVER COME OFF. Wearing an apron is also necessary for this activity. No matter how good you think you may be, spills do occur. They did happen on the day of our calligraphy activity. Luckily, it was only on the table and not our clothes.
Never the less, this activity was extremely fun and it fun for people of all ages and backgrounds. 
Calligraphy is found in many other cultures besides Japan, it’s applicable to everyone! I personally loved this activity because it allows you to be creative, and there are no limits to what you can create.

-Ashton Zadeh

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