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Hakata Tour

We visited Hakata Station area. There are a lot of traditional sightseeing area in this town although this is very close to the capital city of Fukuoka.


Here are comments from our school;

We participated in a walking tour around Fukuoka, specifically around the Hakata Station. It was my first time in Hakata, hence, I was really excited for the tour. The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, telling us about the history of Fukuoka as she was leading us around. We went to various temples and shrines, and learnt the difference between shintoism and buddhism, temples and shrines.”

Fukuoka walking tour was very interesting and enjoyable. We visited the most famous shrines and temples in Hakata City and learned a lot about the history of Hakata and Fukuoka. In Hakata Folk Museum we saw a textile weaving demonstration. We walked through Kawabata Shopping avenue. There you can find cheaper clothing items, shoes, bags and many more accessories. In the area there are hundreds of shops, cafes, and restaurants to choose from. It is literally 1 min walk to Hakata Canal City shopping mall. Canal City has a lot to offer and is a very lively place with so much to see and do. Transportation around the city is very convenient with frequent trains and buses. I had a lovely day exploring!”


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