School Activity Report

Today's Phrase

Ramen & Gyoza

We visited a place where you can make your own ramen and gyoza (dunplings). You begin with wheet to make outside of dumpling and noodle.


Here are the comments from our students;

” I eat ramen and gyoza all the time but I’ve never taken the time to make them from scratch.

During the activity, I was able to experience how intricate the process to create the noodles were. 

From now on when I eat ramen, I will have a deeper appreciation to the chef for the time they put into making the dish. “


On Wednesday we went to a Ramen and Gyoza making workshop at a popular Ramen restaurant. The workshop went for around 3 hours, and in that time we made, cooked and then ate our own Ramen noodles and Gyoza dumplings. We learned how to knead and roll the Ramen dough, and then how to cut the dough into noodles using a pasta making machine. We also learned how to roll the Gyoza dough into thin circles, and then fold the dough to make the Gyoza dumpling shape. It was a little tricky at times, but we had lots of help and the end result was absolutely delicious. It was a really fun day.”


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