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Here is another comment from our school about the Izakaya party,
“The room for the party held two long low tables, and we sat on cushions on tatami mats, fortunately with our legs accommodated in a sunken area below the tables – good for people with long legs! The two tables separated the smokers from the non-smokers. This is very different from Australia, where smoking is not allowed in restaurants or any enclosed spaces.

Drinks were ordered – ranging from beer and shochu to soft drinks and iced tea. Each person ordered something from the menu, and these and other extra dishes were shared amongst all at the table. The food was plentiful and delicious, and included sashimi, sushi, omelette, salads, tempura, pickles, yakitori and more.

As more and more beer and shochu were consumed, tongues loosened and the conversations became lively and interesting. Our teachers encouraged us to speak in Japanese, so we were able to put into practice everything we had been learning in lessons.

The Izakaya party was great fun.”




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