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Today's Phrase

Let’s use “ので” (〜node) and make a sentence!

We studied “~ので, …” in a grammar class.

When do you use “~ので,…”(〜node)?


Yes, it is often used to give a reason.

It gives the impression of being more polite than “~から, …”(〜kara).


I asked students to come up with the reason why ” you can go home before a class finishes .“

Then, they try to think of the various reasons to use “〜ので” (node)


Here are examples of the student’s ideas and how teachers answered them.

S1: “Can I go home early because I have to go to City Hall?”


T: “No, please go after school.”


S2: “Because I have stomachache, can I go home early?”


T: “Umm, please take some medicine and rest”


S3: “The baby’s due date is coming soon, can I go home early?”


T: “I see. Yes, you can go home.”


Did you get how to use “〜node”?

Let’s try to use ~ので ‘’ when you need to excuse.




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