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A fire station

On April 22nd, new students at NILS Annex went on a field trip.

The destination: A fire station!

In a medical emergency, what are you supposed to do? Call 119. Don’t worry, you can communicate in English. They are also able to help you in other languages like French, Chinese, etc. (Jake: It was so exciting.)

In case of a fire, what do you do? If it’s a small fire, use a fire extinguisher. Let’s trying using one.

This is a set of tools and clothing that firefighters put on before responding to a call, they weight about 18kg!

A young firefighter showed us how to put everything on. How long do you think it takes? They can do it in just one minute! Amazing!

They also allowed us to watch their daily training exercises. They train every day to be ready for any emergency at all times. 

During the demonstration, they showed us how to rescue someone stuck on a second floor. The same firefighters work in four-member teams so that they can practice moving quickly and accurately together. They told us they are always training to be ready for any type of disaster.

At the end of the demonstration, we took a group photo.


(Faith: The work of a firefighter is really hard. I’m glad I could learn a lot about it today. I feel safe in this city.)

Thank you so much, firefighters!



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