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New Students Arrived!

New Students Arrived!


The other day, I went to the airport to pick up new students. I could feel excitement in the air there because of more activities than it has been. When I was waiting for them with a NILS sign, the students walked over to us with a big smile saying “Hello.” Even students from Europe and the US who had to travel for a long time were so cheerful that I felt so uplifted.


The students all had suitcases, yet perhaps because of excitement, they all walked fast to my car. During our ride to Ogori, I had told them that they could sleep, but they were looking around with full of curiosity.


Once we arrived in Ogori, several students said, “This looks like Nepal!”


Some Vietnamese students were so happy to see the kitchen stove, microwave, vacuum cleaner, and bathtub. It really made me feel good.


When you first come to Japan, you’re excited about everything you see. I hope all goes well for our students at NILS.



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