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Today's Phrase


You may have heard the word “Daijoubufrequently while talking to Japanese people. Daijoubu has multiple meanings.  Let me explain three of them today.


1.Use it when there is no problem.

  For example, a person who had a fever yesterday comes to work today.

  A:           Are you OK today?

  B:           Yes, I am OK (Daijoubu) .


2.Use it when you feel certain about something.

  You may say to a person who is in a hurry, “Don’t worry (Daijoubu). You still have time.”


3.Use it when you want to decline something in a roundabout way.

  A:           How about coffee?

  B:           (Daijoubu). No thank you.


  This third example implies there is no need for such consideration.


As you can see,  one can use Daijoubu in different circumstances.

I hope you learn to use it in the most suitable situation.


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