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Five Most Amazing Things About Japan

Today, I would like to talk about the most amazing things in Japan. I have experience living abroad and traveled over 20 countries. There are good and bad things about every country including Japan. That said, let me list what I consider the best things about Japan.

1. Safety

This is probably the biggest reason why I love Japan. If you lose a wallet on a street, it will most likely be returned to you undisturbed. You might also see a lot of people snoozing on public transportation. They would not be sleeping unless they felt completely safe and comfortable.


2. Convenience Stores

Japanese convenience stores are truly convenient. In addition to buying food and drinks, you can send/receive packages, use ATM, make copies, purchase transportation tickets, read magazines, purchase medicine, etc. What’s more, you can find one literally everywhere and most are open for 24/7. You might pay a bit more, but I am sure you will feel you need one near your place.


3. Trains Come and Leave on Time.

Trains almost always come and leave on time. It’s so easy to plan to get somewhere using trains for this reason. If a train is late even for a few minutes, you will hear an announcement about it. Furthermore, trains are normally very clean and quiet.


4. Good Manners

You will see a long line of people waiting politely for a train or in front of a store. Japanese people always lines when they wait for something. Also, have you noticed a lack of trash cans in public places? It’s actually pretty inconvenient for us, but we still don’t litter streets. We keep our trash until we find a trash can or bring it home.


5. Clean Bathrooms Everywhere

This is one thing I struggled with when I lived abroad. It wasn’t always easy to find clean bathrooms outside my own apartment or large department stores. Here in Japan, you can easily find one in places like convenience stores, gas stations, or any other shops. And, most importantly, they are always clean and the toilet seats are warm.


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