Japanese School in Japan,Fukuoka - NILS

School News

New Students Arrived!


Some new students overseas finally could enter Japan and other students are also heading to Japan now.


They had the patience for long time traveling to Japan under the pandemic.

We welcomed new students and the orientation took place today.


Our faculty explains the regulations for school, dormitory, and advised them how to accommodate themselves to the new surroundings.



They are very new here and must have been worried about how to live and what to do.


It looks students were trying to follow about our advice. But we know it’s hard for new students to understand everything perfectly so we also provide them with a quick guide which would help them.

Other students are on their way to be here!

We are looking forward to meeting them.

We are happy to help their success!




Please feel free to contact us from here. If you have questions about the school.