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Today’s Japanese Phrase ‘大丈夫です’


Hello, Today’s phrase in Japanese is ‘大丈夫です (daijōbu desu)’.

Japanese people usually write 大丈夫です in using Kanji. [だいじょうぶです = 大丈夫です]


If you are familiar with Japanese culture, you may often listen 大丈夫です (daijōbu desu) in movies, TV series, songs, or, SNS.

This phrase is very popular in daily conversation.

大丈夫 (daijōbu)’ has two different meaning.


① First meaning : I am ok / alright/ No problem / I am fine.

[Example 1]

A: 痛い!(itai!)


B: 大丈夫ですか? (daijōbu desuka?)

      Are you okay?

A: はい、大丈夫です。(hai, daijōbu desu.)

      Yes, I’m alright.


[Example 2]

A: このプランでいいと思いますか?(kono puran de iito omoimasuka?)

     Do you think this plan would work out?

B: ええ、大丈夫そうですよ。(ee, daijōbu sōdesuyo.)

      Yes, it seems to be no problem.


[Example 3]

A: 今日の午後あなたの家に行ってもいい?(kyō no gogo anatano uchini ittemoii?)

      Can I go to your house this afternoon?

B: ええ、でも2時までは家にいないかもしれません。(ee, demo nijimadewa uchini inaikamoshiremasen.)

     Sure, but I may not be able to be back until 2 pm.

A: じゃあ、午後4時くらいはどうですか?(jā, gogoyojikuraiwa dōdesuka?)

     OK,  how about around 4 pm?

B: 大丈夫ですよ。(daijōbudesuyo.)

     Yes, it would be ok.


② Second meaning : When gently refusing

This is exact opposite meaning from the above examples.

Let’s see the following conversations.


[Example 4] at the shop

clerk: 袋はお付けしますか?(fukurowa otsukeshimasuka?)

            Do you need a bag?

  you: いいえ、大丈夫です。(iie, daijōbudesu.)

            Thank you but I do not need it.


[Example 5]

A: ミルクをもっといかがですか?(mirukuwo motto ikagadesuka?)

     Would you like more milk?

B: いえ、大丈夫です。どうも。(ie, daijōbudesu. dōmo.)

     No, I am fine, thank you.


大丈夫です‘ can be used many situations but you need to understand this phrase has two different meanings.

It would be difficult for students who are still beginner level to master this phrase perfectly.

But, 大丈夫です! (daijōbu desu!)

Let’s start using the phrase in “I am ok” or “It’s ok” situation first.

You will get used to it soon.



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