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Dashain Day


It’s a  “Dashain” day today!

Do you have any idea of what Dashain holiday is? It’s one of the biggest and most famous festivals in Nepal.

This is one of Hindhu religious events. Nepalese people celebrate Dashain in October of Bikram Sambat.


Today, we noticed that Nepali students put a red mark on their forehead. They explained us that this red mark is called “Tika” which made from rice, yogurt, and red colored powder. This mark is a symbol of “Wishing for happiness” for them.



On Dashain religious days, people in Nepal prepare traditional foods and spend precious time with their family, just like Christmas or Easter in the US.

Our students, of course they cannot go back to their country, but they celebrate the special holidays by themselves in Japan.



It was also a good opportunity for Japanese teachers and other students to know different culture.

Thank you for sharing your culture with us and hope all of our students enjoyed this amazing day!


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