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Japanese Traditions Towards Hanabi

Why Have Fireworks in the Summer? Japanese fireworks or hanabi is now said to be the most beautiful in the world and it is exported to about 20 countries worldwide. It is said though that there is a longer history of fireworks and gunpowder in Europe and China. In Japan, hanabi has been deeply in... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan in July in 2019

Anime studio hit by deadly fire is known for skill, fan base – Kyoto It may not be as famous as Japanese anime legend Studio Ghibli, but Kyoto Animation has many core fans and is known as a team of skilled animators that provides top-quality work for others and can produce its own hits, such as "Lu... READ MORE

Working Visas in Japan

Working in Japan Visitors to Japan on a 3-month tourist visa are not allowed to work in Japan. People hoping to find employment in Japan must have a working visa before they arrive in the country. Applying for one will require the cooperation of the company, university, research institute, board of... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan in June 2019

Slug blamed for train service chaos in Kyushu – Kyushu A slug has been blamed for a power outage that halted dozens of trains and delayed 12,000 passengers in Japan, the railway operator said Sunday. The power failed on a couple of lines serving southern Japan operated by Kyushu Railway Co, known a... READ MORE

The New Specified Skills Visa

Two New Visa Statuses In the early morning hours of December 8th, the Japanese Diet passed a major revision to the Immigration Control Act, codifying into law two new visa residency statuses that will allow a significant increase in the number of blue collar workers accepted into Japan. The two new... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan in May 2019

6 Nara deer deaths attributed to plastic in stomachs; tourists cautioned to feed animals properly – Nara One of the highlights of a visit to Nara is the chance to walk amongst the city’s free-roaming deer. And with more than two million foreign visitors last year alone, some of the deer in the area... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now Fukuoka & Japan in April 2019

Japan, U.S. struggle to find crashed stealth fighter jet and its 'secrets' – Nationwide One week after an F-35A stealth fighter jet crashed off the northeastern coast of Japan, U.S. and Japanese military vessels are struggling to find the wreckage and protect its valuable "secrets." The Japanese je... READ MORE

Golden Week in Japan

Words that elicit varying amounts of joy and horror depending on your work-life balance, Golden Week is one of the busiest times to travel in Japan. While this may sound great for a second, what it actually means is crowds, rocketing ticket prices and even more crowds. If you don’t fancy paying t... READ MORE

Shintoism: A Great Influence on the Japanese Culture

It’s not always that we touch on religious subjects, but felt like there is a need to, since this particular region has quite a big influence on the Japanese culture and tradition. This particular religion that we are going to talk about is Shintoism. I am pretty sure that you have heard of it. I mi... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan in March 2019

Record 2.73 mil foreign residents registered living in Japan in 2018 – Nationwide A record 2,731,093 foreigners were registered living in Japan at the end of 2018, up 6.6 percent from a year earlier, bolstered by a rising number of students and technical trainees, the Justice Ministry says. The gov... READ MORE

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